Week 5, Day 3

Ugh. I’ve been putting this off for almost a month. Then it came up again yesterday, and Shanzeh and Courtney mentioned today how much I’ve been talking about it this week, but still, ugh. 

Way back on Week 1 Day 5,  Sheri Rubin came to our class and talked about a great many things. There was one thing I noticed about her that wasn’t much a part of her presentation: part of her shirt was the same purple color as the border color of her slides. It seemed a little too much to be coincidental, so I asked her about it. She said it was part of her personal brand – she always wears a bit of purple to every professional event she attends. If you had met her, you’d not be surprised by this at all.

Yesterday, a number of Accenture employees organized a career preparation workshop for the girls. The topics were: Networking (Rashi, Sharan and Tabitha Flatt), Social Media (Erin Harris), Resume Writing (Maureen Bossi) and Interviewing (Suehaila Nabulsi), with activities built in to give the girls practice with each. Bonzer workshop.

I’m pretty well set on most of these, but the one that’s been stuck in my head a lot lately came from the Social media presentation. Erin said, “You are a walking brand.” (This is why we take notes, kids.) I’ve never thought about it in such stark terms, but she is dead on. How much thought do you give DAILY to how people think about you? A ton, am I right? Of course I am – that is part of my personal brand, though I wouldn’t put it in just those words.

So, without further ado (I’ve been procrastinating actually doing this for over two hours, not counting yesterday or the past 4 weeks), I present my personal brand, as I see it. This is kind of a hard thing to do, because I am telling you who I intend to be, though I frequently face plant short of the goal.

First, my brand name. You already know it: Doc Och. Although I am Doc Och, Doc Och is not me. If this seems confusing, it is because there are many “behind the scenes” aspects to me that don’t necessarily show in the brand, but they support the brand.

So, what is Doc Och?

  • Prepared. I try to be as prepared for as many situations as I practically can. This means I almost always have some or all of the following with me: tools, knowledge, food, knowledge, phone, knowledge, keys, knowledge and access to money. In certain situations, I keep first aid supplies,  rain gear, and maybe some books and maps too, should my knowledge fail me.
  • Reliable. If I say it, I’ll do it if it is at all possible, regardless of personal inconvenience. Underpromise, overdeliver.
  • Humorous. Lol.
  • Positive. I try to never criticize, condemn or complain. [Dale Carnegie]
  • Compassionate. So many people need more kindness and deserve it simply because they are people.
  • Patient. I’ll come back and help a someone twenty times if they need it and are still really trying. If they don’t need it, but ask for it, I’ll help them become more independent. If they stop trying, I’ll try to find out why and work with that.
  • Calm. I try to react calmly in crisis situations. Evaluate, plan, then act.
  • Respectful. Sometimes, respect is shown through sarcasm. No, really.
  • Creative and flexible. I always look for the hard limits to problems when looking for a solution, and play freely with soft limits (Is this limit really necessary? What if we ignored it, can that help us achieve the real goal?) I try to think outside the box. Heck, I live there sometimes.
  • A little magical. Every once in awhile, I like to do something that seems impossible. This helps spread the brand.
  • A little intimidating, but not too much. This helps prevent people from taking advantage of kindness or misinterpreting it as weakness.
  • Weird, but in a safe way. This allows others to be themselves around me.

These are traits I consciously try to project in everything I do.

The mantra I use to remind myself:

Who I am –

Teacher, father, bridgebuilder

How I am –

Attentive, responsive, compassionate

Peaceful, radiant, unstoppable.



8 thoughts on “Week 5, Day 3

  1. I LOVE this, and would never try to do this myself: Introspection makes me REAL nervous. (I suppose that statement is itself introspective. Oh well.) I think you’ve pretty much hit all of these traits dead on: They make you the tremendous person you are and will no doubt make the girls you’ve been with this summer remember you as a paragon.

    Regarding the positive trait: It should read “I try never to criticize …” Oh wait …

    And haven’t I been saying for years that #itsallaboutaffect??

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us! [http://www.robertburns.org/works/97.shtml iyi]

    1. I had “try never to” and changed it just before posting. Something about split infinities popped into my head. I am going to diligently try never to make that mistake again.

    1. You mean like a cerulean octothorp on a blushing roseate field? I have given this some thought since I saw your comment this morning. As I alighted from the train this morning it came to me: A Swiss army knife with 9 or ten tools ajar, white sides with rainbow sprinkles and an interobang replacing the cross in the Victorinox logo.

  2. Hi Doc Och!

    Thank you so much for mentioning me again in your post on branding. I didn’t get to focus on that in my talk – though I do talks about the topic regularly – so wanted to make sure I posted a comment here to share some resources. I have a “Career Resources” area on my personal website that includes a whole section on personal branding here: http://bit.ly/srcareer

    Specifically, to those who were talking about how to be introspective I’d definitely point them to my “5 Words or Phrases Exercise”. I have a PDF that has my intro article and a worksheet here: http://bit.ly/5wopfull (and it’s also on the above link).

    I’m so glad that they covered this during the program !

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