Experiment #1- Refrigerator pickled cabbage

I used something close to this recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2013/06/pickled-vegetable-sandwich-slaw/

That gave me enough liquid to fill one large Mason jar. The results are still out because this was only 15 minutes ago.

Have a small jar with more cabbage (I had to use the whole head, which I got from my CSA –  www.farmerjoesgardens.com) So I made some brine, but I didn’t measure, so it seems too salty. We’ll see.



Repurposing – The Year of Experiments

Clearly, I didn’t have enough time to write about everything (or even some things) I did last year.

So, it’s time to repurpose this thing. I am going to expand the things I write about. Things that I think about that are too long for FB.

I am going to do a bunch of things which I consider to be experiments this year. I’ll write about some of them here. I do a lot of experiments, which I define as things I’ve not tried before, or not tried a lot.

Some experiments are already in progress, I’ll write about those as the go on. Some are quickies, which I can write about sooner. I’ll try to post things about teaching too. For my loyal band of follower.


Hang on  for the ride. The first dip is a small one 🙂