Week 1, Day 1

We met as a class for the first time today. Well, we met minus one who dropped and who we should have a replacement for tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are the girls (they are OK with being called girls.I checked. I sort of prefer young women, but it is Girls Who Code, after all.

GWC_ACN_CHITop row, starting from the left. I’ll name the student, and something I know about her. I’m trying to do this from memory, let see how it goes.

Briannah likes anime, Dami likes to cook and dance, Anna one rode 1,000 miles on a bike in 1 month, Bella likes to work with kids, Karen knows Tae Kwon Do, Yu Jing likes to play Ultimate Frisbee, Vanessa works at her high school radio station, Kyndall is going to the Nationals in spoken word poetry.

Middle row: Shanzey (a TA) wants to buy a guitar pick maker, Amy has a dog named Teddy and two older brothers who are nicer now than when she was young, Karen has a telescope, Carolina likes to draw cartoon characters, Anisha just got back from a trip to England and Scotland, Meriem can do a full twisting layout which is a Level 7  gymnastics move, Kayla likes theater and choir and can use the word thespian correctly, Cyan i have not had a chance to talk to yet, me.

Bottom row: Jessica like church and dog sitting, Naissa plays tennis, Erika has not filled out her Bio yet, Isis was in Girl Up and Courtney (a TA) loves to dance.

Later in the Day, Ellie took me to see this.



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