Cast of characters in Chicago

I’ll keep updating this as the summer goes on

Me – well, of course there’s me. Most of you know me, but for those who don’t, here’s the synopsis: I’ve been a husband for almost twenty-five years and counting, I am a father to two adult daughters, I have been a high school chemistry teacher for nine years, I have been a professional coder for thirty five years, though not always full time. I am a closeted, guerrilla English teacher – I have to keep my head low, because I am not certified. Don’t tell anyone.

Camilla – my laptop. She is certainly going to be put through her paces this summer. She is a dual boot Lenovo T400, and her tab key is nonfunctional and her 1 key is flaky.

Charles – my Airbnb host.

Shanzeh – a college aged TA in my Girls Who Code classroom. She just finished her sophomore year at a prestigious traditional woman’s college as a computer science major.

Courtney – a rising high school senior who will be my alumni TA. She was a student in GWC last year, and will be the only who knows what’s going on. Her art form is dance.



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