What’s up Doc?

Ok, so here goes the first one. My plan is to write about some of the things I try and what worked and what didn’t. I will be piloting some new (for me, and some new for everyone) technology in my class this year, and writing about how it goes and how to make it better.

The first bit of technology is teacher web pages, which I will be trained in tomorrow. I’d like to at least have lab due dates and date for tests, quizzes (now called “Check Your Abilities” or CYA) and other things like progress and report card dates.

I’ll also be getting a smart board soon. Won’t that be fun. 🙂

Those things are new to me, but not to every one. There are of couple other really cool things in the works, but I shan’t discuss them until I get clearance from the tower.

If I have time, I’ll post labs here, too, if they’re any good.



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